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Two-Faced: American Minstrelsy and Philadelphia's Role in the Racial Reckoning

North Broad Press

Through Smiles and Tears: The History of African American Theater - from  : to the Americas

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2011

"The Road Home: Precarious"

Three Goat Press 2008

The Secret Messages in African American Theater: Hidden Meanings Embedded in Public Discourse

Edwin Mellen Press 2006


Brother Love

Three Goat Press 2005

They Never Told Me There'd Be Days Like This

Three Goat Press 2002

"Spoken Word," Poetry Compact Disc

Three Goat Press 2002

Signs of the Time: Culture Pop

Three Goat Press 1999

Epic Memory: Places and Spaces I've Been

Three Goat Press 1995

Envisioning A Sea of Dry Bones

Three Goat Press 1994

Negro Kinship To the Park

Selrahc Publications 1990

Halley's Comet

Selrahc Press 1988

It Ain't Easy To Be Different

The Tradition Press 1986

God Made Men Brown

Selrahc Press 1982

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Articles and Chapters in Edited Books

"Poetic Ethnography and Metaliteracy: Empowering Voices in a Hybrid Theater Arts Course" in Metaliterate Learning for the Post-Truth World by Thomas P. Mackey and Trudi E. Jacobson

"Leaning Left: why theater artists in the 1930's were attracted to the Red Movement" in The Routledge Companion to African American Theatre and Performance by Kathy A. Perkins, Sandra L. Richards, Renee Alexander Craft, and Thomas F. DeFrantz

"The Elephant in the Room: Challenges and Prejudice in the Academy: Situation 4: Curse and Blessing" in The Other Anthology Not White/Straight/Male/Healthy Enough: Being "Othered" in the Academy by Michael Moreno and Kathryn Quinn-Sanchez

"Treading Treacherous Waters: A Conversation With Women Faculty of Color On Teaching Race" in Leadership, Equity, and Social Justice in American Higher Education

Performing SHOT!: Personalizing North Philly, Poverty and Performance Poetry in Ethnographies in Pan Pacific Research: Tensions and Positionings by Robert E. Rinehart

Jitney: Challenging Definitions of Black Manhood in August Wilson's Work in Completing the Twentieth Century Cycle by Alan Nadel

"Why Black Folks Always Got to Sing and Dance: The Function of 'Kuntu'" in "African American Theater" in Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts 2007 by Daniel Meyer-Dinkgraffe

"From 'Coons" to 'Croons' to Would-Be 'Bloods' and 'Crips': Representations and the Social Construction of Black Identity in the U.S. Media" in Mass Media Research: International Approaches by Yorgo Passadeos and Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou

"Ties that Bind: A Comparative Analysis of Zora Neal Hurston's and Geneva Smitherman's Work" in  African American Rhetoric(s): Interdisciplinary Perspectives by Elaine B. Richardson and Ronald L. Jackson III


Articles in Journals

RAGE!, Retaliation, and Retribution: Recurring Themes in August Wilson's Work in The Journal of Black Studies

Performing Race: Using Performance to Heal the Trauma of Race and Racism on College Campuses in Storytelling, Self, Society

Crisis Curriculum: Poetic Ethnography Through Crises, Coping and Community" in The Ethnographic Edge

"The Mountaintop and the Trope of Religion, Spirituality and Consciousness in African American Theater" in PRS

"Performance Poetry: Auto-Ethnography and Engagement As Social Activist Theater" in The Journal of Consciousness, Literature and the Arts

Exoticising Blackness: From Medusa to Medea and the Oracles of Delphi - Greek Representations of Africana Women in Women of African Descent and Justice in World Societies

No One Size Fits All: Womanhood, Feminism and Female Archetypes in August Wilson's Joe Turner's Come and Gone in Making Connections: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cultural Diversity

"On SHOT!: a Rationale for Research and Dramas Depicting Violence in the 'Hood'" in Theatre Topics

"Amiri Baraka's Dutchman; A Watershed Mark In The History Of African American Theater" in Journal of Black Masculinity

"Performing Pan-Africanism: Staging the Saint Vincent and Haitian Revolution in Early African American Theater Classics" in Africological Perspectives: Historical and Contemporary Analysis of Race and Africana Studies 

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